O Little Town of Bethlehem by The Ministers

https://youtu.be/LcFaoc3sRYU My first Christmas song upload. The Ministers is made up of my sister and I, and any singer who wishes to minister with us through music. My sister - Rosemary - is not keen on appearing on camera, so she settles for just audio. I chose 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' as a debut …

Good Times – short video

https://youtu.be/0ev_Wber8Wk A short video for Good Times. A few clips of the pilot back in 2013.

Good Times – full video

https://youtu.be/aBZ8Wb3pe-4 Good Times is a talk show I produced in 2013 in partnership with GBI+I Media. It was an entertainment talk show but also meant to discuss hard issues, all towards nation building and reforming people.

Prayer for Good Policies

God gave us the ten commandments from which all other good laws of land and people emanated. They are simply summarized as loving God and neighbour as self. The key word is Love!

Prayer for True Worship

In Prayer, we speak or chat with our God. He likes the time we make to acknowledge that He lives, to come before His Presence to communicate with Him, and to recognize Him in true and holy worship.

Prayer for Soldiers

Send Your Holy Spirit upon us now to enlighten the eyes of our minds, so that we may recognize that You made us and all things, and that You love us and Your love and joy are eternal.

Prayer for True Democracy

When we do right by God He'd do right by us. Imagine His faithfulness towards us even in our sinfulness; how much more would He be in our righteousness.

Prayer for Renewal

https://youtu.be/k8GmVkzmrQk Prayer is not just a human activity; it is the Lord's activity in us through the Holy Spirit - Fr. Samuel Frederick.Prayer is key in our lives, especially in this present time of upheaval. Not just in Nigeria, but also all over the world, with one issue or the other. I ask that you …

Friend in Jesus song

https://youtu.be/53n6q7I4db0 Friend in Jesus by The Ministers Friend in Jesus is written by Linda Ogbue and performed by The Ministers, formerly known as LinRose. Linda Ogbue wrote the lyric, Friend in Jesus, before 10th of October 1994, as she remembered it. She released it at the same time as she did - Somebody Touched Me, …

Somebody Touch Me Music

https://youtu.be/hGfhFr4AeNk Linda Ogbue wrote the lyrics of this song – Somebody Touch Me – on the 10th of March 1995. She said the idea to use the popular chorus with verses came to her before October 1994, but with prayers, she was able to come up with the lines of the verses in March 1995.  Sometime …