Let us Pray for our Country and World – S2

https://youtu.be/LiD9Mmc39R8 Let us pray against the dark forces in our countries and world and of our days and times. May the Lord send His light to brighten all corners and countries of the world and dispel all evil in them. May He send His Holy Spirit to inflame in us the fire of His love, …

Requiem Mass for Late Collins Campbell

Milipadarose Pictures shot a requiem mass on March 31 at St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Yaba Lagos. Families and friends of the Late Collins Campbell gathered to pay their last respect and commend to God to rest his soul. They said he was a good man. https://youtu.be/dpPGps7KXxY Late Collins Campbell Requiem Mass A Photo Splash

The Nwabuezes Wedding

Peter and Vivian tied the knot on November 24, 2018 to become Mr. and Mrs. Nwabueze. And Milipadarose Pictures was there to cover the glorious event of the beautiful couple. https://youtu.be/dUfpQHFnmmE Peter and Vivian Nwabueze on their wedding in November 2018 Photo Splash Enjoy a presentation of their photobook -

Let Us Pray for the Family 2

Dear Father, please intervene in all families and aid them in all their predicaments, so that the parents would create balance in their lives to provide for and nurture their children to ...

The Christophers Wedding

are curious about the traditional wedding ceremony of the Nembe and the Igbo, Milipadarose Pictures brings you an experience in video and photos. Enjoy!

Let us Pray for Good Roads

Please Father, touch and renew our leaders to wholeheartedly repair and build all our roads with good materials that are lasting and safe for people and goods and for economic growth.

Let us Pray for all who work for Peace, Righteousness and Justice

Your words are eternal truth and life, and we believe they will come true as You say for all activists who work, live for or die in their struggles for peace, righteousness and justice in our country and all over the world.

Let Us Pray for Family

Prayer is not to be shunned with the excuse that it is an alternative to action. No, prayer is the key to making ourselves only vulnerable to our Maker to instruct, direct and move towards the good, righteousness, fairness, justice and love in all our activity and decisions.

O Little Town of Bethlehem by The Ministers

https://youtu.be/LcFaoc3sRYU My first Christmas song upload. The Ministers is made up of my sister and I, and any singer who wishes to minister with us through music. My sister - Rosemary - is not keen on appearing on camera, so she settles for just audio. I chose 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' as a debut …

Good Times – short video

https://youtu.be/0ev_Wber8Wk A short video for Good Times. A few clips of the pilot back in 2013.

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