Sons of God Musical Drama

I shot Sons of God in 2016.

I did not have much money to invest in shooting it, and so, I approached the Pastor of the Church I attend to allow me use the Church premises and property, and he let me. With his approval, I also approached the coordinators of the children’s choir in my church who let me work with the Angelic Voices Choir and with their parents’ approval.

I could not afford recording the music in a studio because the closest studio I approached charged quite high, and I could not go to farther locations from the Church with the kids because I promised their parents to keep them within the Church environs. So, I thought to record them in the choir galleria, hence, the audio quality.

I also worked with the upcoming orchestra group in the Church, coordinated by a friend of mine, who also directed the kids music. The Church Organist and Sound Engineers in the Church were also helpful to me.

I know it’s not a great production, but I’m glad I was able to shoot it with the other episodes. And I enjoyed working with the kids, but it took a lot of talking and appealing for their concentration. All the same, we all had fun.


Introductory background music.
Four Children [2 girls and 2 boys] playing cards.
1st Boy – Pick two!
2nd Boy – Oh no! [He picks 2 more cards.]
1st Girl – Hold on everyone, hold on and last card, check up! [Rejoices.]
All – Awww!
1st Boy – [Bored] Let’s do something else.
1st Girl – Yes! The Catechist taught us a new song yesterday, remember?
2nd Boy – Yes, she said Jesus is the Son of God.
1st Boy – Yes, and she also said that Jesus said we can be God’s children too if we obey God’s commandments!
2nd Girl – What commandments?
1st Boy – To love God above ALL things and to love our neighbours as ourselves.
2nd Girl – What is this song?
Song performance –
The 3 sing to the girl who asked starting with the chorus.
1st verse by 1st girl
2nd verse by 2nd boy
Chorus by the 4 children who are joined by other children who answer ‘eh!’ at the hearing of the first line of chorus ‘Sons of God’.
3rd verse by all the girls
4th verse by all the boys
Chorus in harmony by all
5th verse by all
Chorus by all till end.

Sons Of God Lyrics // by James Thiem

Sons of God: Hear His Holy word,
Gather around the table of the Lord
Eat His Body, drink His Blood – by 3 of children to the one who asks question
And we’ll sing a song of love
Allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia.

1- Brothers, sister we are one,
And our life has just begun,
In the spirit we are young, – by 1st Girl
We can live forever.

2- Shout together to the Lord [eh!]
Who has promised our reward,
Happiness a hundred fold – by 2nd Boy
And we’ll live forever.

Chorus – by the 4 children and a response of ‘eh!’ and all sing in unison

3- Jesus gave a new command:
That we love our fellow man,
Till we reach the promised land – by Girls
Where we’ll live forever.

4- If we want to live with Him,
We must also die with Him,
Die to selfishness and sin – by Boys
And we’ll live forever.

Chorus – joined by more children and all sing in harmony

5- Make the world a unity,
Make all men one family,
Till we meet The Trinity – by all in harmony
And we’ll live forever.

6- With the church we celebrate,
Jesus coming we await,
So we’ll make a holiday, – by all in unison
So we’ll live forever.

Chorus – by all in unison with ‘eh!’ and again in harmony till fade.

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