Soldiers of Christ Musical Drama



Introductory tune –
Children [3 girls and 3 boys] playing and then –
1st boy – What would you like to be when you grow up?
2nd boy – An artist.
Others who heard the question also answered –
1st girl – A doctor!
2nd girl – A lawyer!
3rd boy – An engineer!
3rd girl – I don’t know yet.
1st boy – That’s okay. God will reveal it to you in good time.
3rd girl – Is it God who tells us what we will be in this world?
1st boy – My mother said God knows what we’ll be even before we are born.
1st girl – That is true. God gives everyone a talent to live with in this world so we don’t live our life empty.
3rd girl – [Scared,] But you all know already what you want to be. How do I know what I want?
2nd boy – what do you like doing most?
3rd girl – I like Arithmetic.
2nd boy – Then perhaps you’ll get to be an Accountant.
3rd girl – Well, that sounds fun.
2nd girl – Cool. But whatever we decide to do, let us remember that God gave us our talents and we should use them for His greater good, our good and the good of everyone.
3rd girl – How do we use our talents for everyone’s good?
1st boy – We do so by being honest at our jobs and working diligently.
2nd boy – Yes. In this way, everyone whom your work affects benefits from your honesty and diligence.
3rd girl – How do we use our talents for God?

2nd girl – It is important that we proclaim God and His gospel in our art and work because He gives us our talents to win souls to Him and to save lives.
3rd girl – And how do we use our talents for our good?
1st girl – Our talents gives us a purpose for living, and this makes us happy if we choose God first to guide our work so that we may bear good fruits in Him.
3rd girl – Oh, and when He calls us back home to Him in Heaven we will have multiplied talents to present to Him as Christ taught us in His parable of the talents in Matthew chapter 25, verses 14-30.
1st girl – Very correct. So you see, we are called to be soldiers of God in this world and He has given everyone a talent or more to live for our good, the good of all and His greater glory.
All – Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Song performance –

Soldiers of Christ, arise – Charles Wesley (1749)

  1. Soldiers of Christ, arise
    And put your armor on,
    Strong in the strength which God supplies
    Thro’ His eternal Son;
    Strong in the Lord of hosts
    And in His mighty power.
    Who in the strength of Jesus trusts
    Is more than conqueror.
  2. Stand then in His great might,
    With all His strength endued.
    And take, to arm you for the fight,
    The panoply of God.
    From strength to strength go on
    And wrestle, fight and pray;
    Tread all the powers of darkness down
    And win the well-fought day.
  3. Leave no unguarded place,
    No weakness of the soul;
    Take ev’ry virtue, ev’ry grace.
    And fortify the whole;
    That having all things done,
    And all your conflicts past,
    Ye may overcome thro’ Christ alone
    And stand complete at last.

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