Prayer for Good Policies

God gave us the ten commandments from which all other good laws of land and people emanated. They are simply summarized as loving God and neighbour as self. The key word is Love! No doubt our country’s policies are formulated by our leaders for their selfish gains and at the continuous expense of the people who continue to pay tax amid their poverty, so that the leaders would continue to take home incredulous allowances, cars, houses and life-term pensions for themselves.

They seize palliatives, jobs, and other stipends meant for the poor despite all they had already allocated to themselves. They usurp one another’s powers for their selfish means, hence, not reflecting true federalism or democracy.

There are so many inflictions upon our citizens, Lord, that many have given up on life, because our leaders do not love us; do not love country and people. Father, deliver us from the wicked, and give us leaders whose acts and policies will refresh and renew, and rain love and blessings upon us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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