Playmartng Fashion Shoot

Ola invited Milipadarose Pictures for a photoshoot of her products – children’s clothing.

Hello. I’m Ola, and I make children’s clothing.

Olajuwonlo Durosinmi, Fashion Designer and owner Playmartng, +2347066727350

We had a lot of fun doing our thing, and the usual struggle of keeping children’s attention span for the entire period of shoot. But one pretty young lady made it worth the while, and so, she narrates this story.

Yes, I’m Amanda – the pretty young lady. Now brace yourself; it’s goin’ a be fun!

Now, let me start by showing off as a princess – do you like?

May I introduce you to some friends and model colleagues …

Now, this is how we do it – Starting with the Princess Looks and Style

Now, let’s be our girly selves with our party styles.

Check me out with these big girls!

Ever heard of the Streets’? It doesn’t have to be the bad stuff; just casuals. That’s all!

Now, let me take you on a personal journey – it started as a grassy affair; lol!

And it still looks grassy –

These looks and styles are all made possible by our very own – Aunty Ola! of Playmartng. So that you do your own thing, I’m stepping aside.

Now, just the two of us #

It’s a wrap! I’m done. Thanks for following it through. I hope you like my presentation. Please, leave me a comment if you do.

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