Dawn to Shine

Once upon a February 17, 2015, I woke up very early and went for a jog with my Sony Camcorder and decided to take pictures on my way back home somewhere in Shomolu Bariga, Lagos. The road was in repair at the time.

I got on camera how the day broke with Lagosians waking up to their daily activity.

I began clicking the camera from 6:35am. But i had to filter these first set to see some of the details.

I caught the first set of people already bathed and set out for the day before sunrise, at 6:59am. This is how Lagos life is, a daily hustle and bustle. It’s no place for a lazy person.

Below, a lot of the people were good sports posing for the camera, some wanted to be caught in it, and one man washing meat for a buka [local restaurant] didn’t. See the story in the pictures.

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