Let us Pray for our Country and World – S2

Let us pray against the dark forces in our countries and world and of our days and times. May the Lord send His light to brighten all corners and countries of the world and dispel all evil in them. May He send His Holy Spirit to inflame in us the fire of His love, and so dispel all bitterness, anger and hate, but renew us into a Spiritual life with Him, our Maker and God, in Whom we find rest. May He forgive us all our sins and help us to forgive one another. May we hallow the Lord’s Name, may His kingdom come and may His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Requiem Mass for Late Collins Campbell

Milipadarose Pictures shot a requiem mass on March 31 at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Yaba Lagos. Families and friends of the Late Collins Campbell gathered to pay their last respect and commend to God to rest his soul. They said he was a good man.

Late Collins Campbell Requiem Mass

A Photo Splash

The Nwabuezes Wedding

Peter and Vivian tied the knot on November 24, 2018 to become Mr. and Mrs. Nwabueze. And Milipadarose Pictures was there to cover the glorious event of the beautiful couple.

Peter and Vivian Nwabueze on their wedding in November 2018

Photo Splash

Enjoy a presentation of their photobook –

Playmartng Fashion Shoot

Ola invited Milipadarose Pictures for a photoshoot of her products – children’s clothing.

Hello. I’m Ola, and I make children’s clothing.

Olajuwonlo Durosinmi, Fashion Designer and owner Playmartng, +2347066727350

We had a lot of fun doing our thing, and the usual struggle of keeping children’s attention span for the entire period of shoot. But one pretty young lady made it worth the while, and so, she narrates this story.

Yes, I’m Amanda – the pretty young lady. Now brace yourself; it’s goin’ a be fun!

Now, let me start by showing off as a princess – do you like?

May I introduce you to some friends and model colleagues …

Now, this is how we do it – Starting with the Princess Looks and Style

Now, let’s be our girly selves with our party styles.

Check me out with these big girls!

Ever heard of the Streets’? It doesn’t have to be the bad stuff; just casuals. That’s all!

Now, let me take you on a personal journey – it started as a grassy affair; lol!

And it still looks grassy –

These looks and styles are all made possible by our very own – Aunty Ola! of Playmartng. So that you do your own thing, I’m stepping aside.

Now, just the two of us #

It’s a wrap! I’m done. Thanks for following it through. I hope you like my presentation. Please, leave me a comment if you do.

Let Us Pray for the Family 2

Dear Lord, many parents seem overwhelmed by the current economic downturn and demands, while their children are neglected, spoiled or corrupted, and so adopt bad behaviour and make bad choices.

Dear Father, please intervene in all families and aid them in all their predicaments, so that the parents would create balance in their lives to provide for and nurture their children to love and to be righteous, just and productive within and towards the larger society. Enlighten them with Your Holy Spirit to revive, renew and guide them in Your love, in Your way and in Your life and Spirit, so that they may experience Your Presence in their hearts and impact positively on the larger society.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

The Christophers Wedding

June 12, 2021 was a beautiful day and moment for Oluchi and Davies. It was the day they chose to wed both traditionally and in the Church.

If you are curious about the traditional wedding ceremony of the Nembe and the Igbo, Milipadarose Pictures brings you an experience in video and photos. Enjoy!

Davies and OluChukwu Christopher Traditional Marriage

Davies and OluchuChukwu Christopher Church Wedding

The Photo Splash!

The Traditional Wedding…

The Church Wedding…

Thank you

Let us Pray for Good Roads

Prayer for Good Roads

Dear Lord, Your way is good and righteous and leads to salvation. But the roads in our country are bad and inconvenient for all kinds of commuting. The roads make economic activities a torturous adventure and, sometimes, a fatal experience for goods and people.

Please Father, touch and renew our leaders to wholeheartedly repair and build all our roads with good materials that are lasting and safe for people and goods and for economic growth.

And deliver us from those bent on keeping us down in this regard.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let us Pray for all who work for Peace, Righteousness and Justice

Lord, by Your word and eternal justice, you bless the peacemakers to be seen as Your children, and bless those who seek righteousness and justice to be satisfied.

Your words are eternal truth and life, and we believe they will come true as You say for all activists who work, live for or die in their struggles for peace, righteousness and justice in our country and all over the world.

Bless their efforts to yield the ultimate fruits in righting all the wrongs they kick against in all countries and the world.

Let the world be better for their sake and for Your faithfulness, love and justice.

Heal the wounds they suffer as a result of their struggles; grant eternal rest in Your bosom to those who have departed peacefully or life snatched from; and console, strengthen and bless their loved ones for the sacrifices of these courageous people.

We pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

Princess’s Birthday Shoot

It was Princess’s birthday and she had fun at our studio taking photos with her mom and sister to commemorate the celebration.

Thanks to Unsplash and the photographers for their beautiful background images. You rock!

Let Us Pray for Family

Let Us Pray season 2 begins with a prayer for family.

Father, it is good in Your sight that man and woman should come together and be one in companionship and to make a family. But a lot is going contrary to this arrangement. Your creations have and are still developing their own ideas in this regard for their convenience, pleasure and other reasons best known to them.

But You, Lord, know the Truth and are the unchangeable Truth. Please reach out to Your creation in all our weaknesses and write Your Truth in our hearts, help us to embrace it with perfect knowledge and understanding, and strengthen us to uphold it in faith and with conviction.

Renew the family unit, Lord, to be as You intend and to grow in Your love, Your Truth and Your righteousness.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

An except from the article on this link …

Prayer is not to be shunned with the excuse that it is an alternative to action. No, prayer is the key to making ourselves only vulnerable to our Maker to instruct, direct and move towards the good, righteousness, fairness, justice and love in all our activity and decisions.

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