O Little Town of Bethlehem by The Ministers

My first Christmas song upload. The Ministers is made up of my sister and I, and any singer who wishes to minister with us through music.

My sister – Rosemary – is not keen on appearing on camera, so she settles for just audio. I chose ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ as a debut Christmas song and music video, because I thought I could manage the production within a short while. And I did!

Hope you like it!

Good Times – full video

Good Times is a talk show I produced in 2013 in partnership with GBI+I Media.

It was an entertainment talk show but also meant to discuss hard issues, all towards nation building and reforming people.

Prayer for Good Policies

God gave us the ten commandments from which all other good laws of land and people emanated. They are simply summarized as loving God and neighbour as self. The key word is Love! No doubt our country’s policies are formulated by our leaders for their selfish gains and at the continuous expense of the people who continue to pay tax amid their poverty, so that the leaders would continue to take home incredulous allowances, cars, houses and life-term pensions for themselves.

They seize palliatives, jobs, and other stipends meant for the poor despite all they had already allocated to themselves. They usurp one another’s powers for their selfish means, hence, not reflecting true federalism or democracy.

There are so many inflictions upon our citizens, Lord, that many have given up on life, because our leaders do not love us; do not love country and people. Father, deliver us from the wicked, and give us leaders whose acts and policies will refresh and renew, and rain love and blessings upon us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for True Worship

In Prayer, we speak or chat with our God. He likes the time we make to acknowledge that He lives, to come before His Presence to communicate with Him, and to recognize Him in true and holy worship. It doesn’t end with adoring You, Lord, it continues with how we treat one another, because Your commandments encompass Your intent for us – to love You and one another.

Help us, that as we worship You, You may fill us to extend Your love and life to one another in righteousness.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Soldiers

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. You have the whole world in Your loving hands and have sustained it till now and till You’ll come again.

Send Your Holy Spirit upon us now to enlighten the eyes of our minds, so that we may recognize that You made us and all things, and that You love us and Your love and joy are eternal. Help us to experience this love and joy that You give, which make our life complete in the bliss of Your Holy Riches.

Enlighten and strengthen the Nigerians soldiers to serve and protect country and people from external aggression, and not fight against their citizenry for particular selfish and wicked few. Deliver us, Lord, from ignorance, especially that that takes its toll on lives, dignity and love.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for True Democracy

When we do right by God He’d do right by us. Imagine His faithfulness towards us even in our sinfulness; how much more would He be in our righteousness.

Dear Lord, reform and revive us, because You can do all things and we trust in You. Help us to embrace Your love and righteousness, so that with You, we can merit joy, life and the leadership that we seek. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Governance of Resources

That one country has almost all the mineral and cash crop resources in the world and are very poor, are like the proverbial servants in the Bible (Matthew 25:14-30) given talents to multiply while their master was away. But the irony is that, considering Nigeria, it is not the servant with one talent that fell short, but the one with many talents. That the master took back this one talent and threw out this lazy servant is regarded as a severe punishment, how much more this servant – Nigeria with so many untapped talents?

Father, the only talent that is working in our country are the honest people using the human talents and gifts You give them. They struggle and pull through in the face of poor leadership, and You bless them. Some of them get frustrated, Lord, please draw them back to You as You alone can. Deliver us from bad leadership that are ignorant, selfish, greedy, wicked and evil. Renew our leadership and the people, so that we may know what is right and tread in Your righteousness, so that we may make use of all that You have given us to multiply for our good, the good of our neighbours and the world at large, and most especially for the glory of Your Name.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer Against Corruption

Righteous acts are actions from good conscience and love, and all good are originated from the OmniGood and Love – God. He gave us the ten commandments which is summarized as loving God and neighbour as self.

But do our actions reflect love. There was a time when ‘a receptive people’ was a descriptive term for Nigerians; there was a time when ‘a community is the parent of any child’ was a saying of pride; there was a time when good conscience and acts were praised and rewarded. Sadly, today, only few people seem to press for this righteousness while so many vent their frustrations on their fellow man with brazen demands for bribe in civil service, connections before qualifications, sex for grades, jobs and positions etc.; as well as, self-allocations of allowances and pension in political offices, and threats and assassinations of fellow competitors by the cowards and wicked, etc.

Today, we now have a society of greed, hatred, licentiousness of guardians and educators, as well as political office holders’ wantonness and autocracy, etc. All due to corruption that has eaten deep into our country and shut locked the door of our conscience.

Renew us, Lord, and warm our broken spirits. Unlock the door of our conscience and bring us back to You, so that we may know love again, and the joy of Your charity and purity. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Electricity

That we provide electricity for some other African countries and can’t do so, even averagely, for ourselves, is a perplexing. Please, whatever is wrong with electricity supply in our country, Lord, make right by prevailing over all stumbling blocks. Put the right people and personnel in charge and deliver us completely from those bent on keeping us in darkness and stagnancy. And, brighten every corners of our lives, Lord. Through Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.