Friend in Jesus song

Friend in Jesus by The Ministers

Friend in Jesus is written by Linda Ogbue and performed by The Ministers, formerly known as LinRose.

Linda Ogbue wrote the lyric, Friend in Jesus, before 10th of October 1994, as she remembered it. She released it at the same time as she did – Somebody Touched Me, in February .

The song shares the same story as Somebody Touched Me.



I’ve got a friend in Jesus

Someone I could, I could call onto

Yes He’s a friend, more than anyone else

He’s always, here and there and everywhere.

There was a man

Searching for a friend.

He looked all around

Went all about,

With open eyes.

Then I wondered

I wondered and I wondered

How could anyone feel so lonely?

When He said He is always

He’s always here and there and everywhere.

Walked up to him

And asked what it was.

He looked at me

Tears in his eyes

He held my hands and said

O my dear child

I searched and couldn’t find a friend.

All I’ve met had been so cold to me.

And he cried, so worried

So worried. Guess what l said to him!


He held on tighter

And wept his sorrows away.

Wept for joy

Threw his load away

And cried aloud

Oh what a waste of

What a waste of time and a waste of life!

What I’ve been searching for has been there

As He said He would always be.

He’ll be there, anytime I call on Him.



In the Bible – He’s there

In the Church – He’s there

In our homes and anywhere we are

He’s here and there and everywhere.

When in sickness – He’s there

Or in good health – He’s there

When in poverty or comfort

He is here and there and everywhere.

When in need – He’s there

Want of love – He’s there/

However you are feeling

He is here and there and everywhere.

Oh what a waste of

What a waste of time of and a waste of life!

What I’ve been searching for has been there

As He said He would always be.

He’ll be there, anytime I call on Him.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

I’ve got a friend in Jesus                                 – Christ is your friend

Someone I could, I could call onto                 – He’s always around you

Yes He’s a friend, more than anyone else      – Oh Glory Alleluia –

He’s always, here and there and everywhere.

Chorus 3

Somebody Touch Me Music

Linda Ogbue wrote the lyrics of this song – Somebody Touch Me – on the 10th of March 1995. She said the idea to use the popular chorus with verses came to her before October 1994, but with prayers, she was able to come up with the lines of the verses in March 1995. 

Sometime between 2012 and 2013, she got a producer to do the song featuring her sister Rosemary and friends: Davies Christopher, Justin Dimaku and Jennifer Nwatu. 

She released it with another – Friend in Jesus – on radio in February 2014 as by LinRose. She was not sure if all the radio stations she gave them to played them but was sure Rhythm 93.7fm did. The Gospel program presenter at the time – Arthur Ngube – assured her that his listeners gave it a good review, along with another song – Friend in Jesus. 

Today, they are now referred to as The Ministers. 

You can find the song on iTunes, Apple Music and other online platforms. It’s a beautiful folk gospel sung to relax and excite for your enjoyment. 

Listen and tell us what you think.


Good morning – it’s a brand new beautiful day                     – uh uhuh u—-h

When the sunshine – pierces through my window its rays    – uh uhuh u—-h

That it gives me – the feeling to kneel down and pray           – uh uhuh u—-h

And thank Him – for another beautiful day.

What a feeling – to smile – into the beautiful day

It’s a feeling – you feel – when you hear His name.

Then He comes – see Him come

Into me – giving peace

Somebody touched me.


Somebody touched me (2ce)

Somebody touched my sou—l

When I was praying, praying to my Father

Somebody touched my soul.

While I close my eyes – I feel His presence inside    (Trumpeting takes the tune of uh.)

And deep in my heart – I feel the ice in me melting

Then the tears flow – as I weep away my sorrows

Not to sin again – now that I have seen your face.

So a new heart – is building – up inside of me

To love – and to share – and to give those who are in need

He is here – see Him here

In my heart – in my life

Indeed, He touched me.




Yes, He reached out

Deep into my heart

I felt His hand

Reaching out to me

Telling me words

Words that are sweeter than honey

He said – oh He said

Start a day with a prayer and a smile

Then reach out, and be good

And be your own brother’s keeper

And that really touched me.


Somebody touched me (2ce)

Somebody touched my sou—l

When I was praying, praying to my Father

Somebody touched my soul.              – [It must be Jesus]

It must be Jesus – Eh! (2ce)

It must be Jesus oh—oh                     – [I know it is]

When I was praying, praying to my Fa-ther  – [Somebody touched me]

Somebody touch my – soul.                – [Somebody touched my soul]

Background repeats chorus tune while lead singer ad libs

Somebody touched me (2ce)              – [Oh, he touched]

Somebody touched my sou—l           – [As I pray]

When I was praying, praying to my Father – [Somebody touched]

Somebody touched my soul               – [Down deep inside of me]

It must be Jesus – Eh! (2ce)               – [E e eh]

It must be Jesus oh—oh                     – [I’m so sure]

When I was praying, praying to my Father

Somebody touch my soul.

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Dawn to Shine

Once upon a February 17, 2015, I woke up very early and went for a jog with my Sony Camcorder and decided to take pictures on my way back home somewhere in Shomolu Bariga, Lagos. The road was in repair at the time.

I got on camera how the day broke with Lagosians waking up to their daily activity.

I began clicking the camera from 6:35am. But i had to filter these first set to see some of the details.

I caught the first set of people already bathed and set out for the day before sunrise, at 6:59am. This is how Lagos life is, a daily hustle and bustle. It’s no place for a lazy person.

Below, a lot of the people were good sports posing for the camera, some wanted to be caught in it, and one man washing meat for a buka [local restaurant] didn’t. See the story in the pictures.

Let Me Be A Little More Music Video


Glen Campbell, 1968

Let me be a little kinder
close my eyes a little more
to the fault of those around me – by 3 friends to sad girl
Let me praise a little more [2ce]
Let me be, when I am weary
Less concerned about myself,
Let me serve a little better – by sad girl attending to the poor
All my brothers in the Lord.
Let me praise a little more
Let me be a little meeker
With all those who are weaker,
Let me think more of my neighbour –    by the 4 as they attend to the poor. Boys sing
And a little less of me unison and girls sing descant
Let me praise a little more.
Orchestra interlude
Let me toil without complaining
Never close my eyes to needs,
Let me face the summons calmly, – classic rendering with repeat of verse 1
Let me praise a little more [2ce].

Soldiers of Christ Music Video


Soldiers of Christ, arise – Charles Wesley (1749)

  1. Soldiers of Christ, arise
    And put your armor on,
    Strong in the strength which God supplies
    Thro’ His eternal Son;
    Strong in the Lord of hosts
    And in His mighty power.
    Who in the strength of Jesus trusts
    Is more than conqueror.
  2. Stand then in His great might,
    With all His strength endued.
    And take, to arm you for the fight,
    The panoply of God.
    From strength to strength go on
    And wrestle, fight and pray;
    Tread all the powers of darkness down
    And win the well-fought day.
  3. Leave no unguarded place,
    No weakness of the soul;
    Take ev’ry virtue, ev’ry grace.
    And fortify the whole;
    That having all things done,
    And all your conflicts past,
    Ye may overcome thro’ Christ alone
    And stand complete at last.

St Dominic’s Orchestra’s Christmas of Love

We covered this event on the 3rd of December 2017. St. Dominic’s Catholic Church Orchestra had a concert tagged – Christmas of Love. It’s a young orchestra still trying to smoothen its rough edges. They’ve come a long way and not giving up. They are determined to get better. Please, enjoy the music.

Sons of God Music Video

This is a musical of a short film the kids and I shot sometime in 2015/16. The kids are bigger and bolder now, I must say.

The film is titled YOUNG MINISTERS and the episode from which this song is extracted is SONS OF GOD.

It is based on simple Christian teachings and the mission is to obey the great commission – to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS of CHRIST.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment.


Sons Of God Lyrics // by James Thiem

Sons of God: Hear His Holy word,
Gather around the table of the Lord
Eat His Body, drink His Blood – by 3 of children to the one who asks question
And we’ll sing a song of love
Allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia.

1- Brothers, sister we are one,
And our life has just begun,
In the spirit we are young, – by 1st Girl
We can live forever.

2- Shout together to the Lord [eh!]
Who has promised our reward,
Happiness a hundred fold – by 2nd Boy
And we’ll live forever.

Chorus – by the 4 children and a response of ‘eh!’ and all sing in unison

3- Jesus gave a new command:
That we love our fellow man,
Till we reach the promised land – by Girls
Where we’ll live forever.

4- If we want to live with Him,
We must also die with Him,
Die to selfishness and sin – by Boys
And we’ll live forever.

Chorus – joined by more children and all sing in harmony

5- Make the world a unity,
Make all men one family,
Till we meet The Trinity – by all in harmony
And we’ll live forever.

6- With the church we celebrate,
Jesus coming we await,
So we’ll make a holiday, – by all in unison
So we’ll live forever.

Chorus – by all in unison with ‘eh!’ and again in harmony till fade.

Come Holy Spirit Music Video



⦁ The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost,
He came to mighty fullness then;
His witness thru believers won the lost,
And multitudes were born again.
The early Christians scattered o’er the world,
They preached the Gospel fearlessly;
Tho’ some were martyred and to lions hurled,
They marched along in victory!


Come, Holy Spirit,
Dark is the hour,
We need your filling,
Your love and your mighty pow’r
Move now among us,
Stir us, we pray.
Come, Holy Spirit,
Revive the church today!

⦁ Then in an age when darkness gripped the earth,
“The just shall live by faith” was learned;
The Holy Spirit gave the Church new birth
As reformation fires burned.
In later years the great revivals came,
When saints would seek the Lord and pray;
O, once again we need that holy flame
To meet the challenge of today!


Guests In A Wedding

Milipadarose Pictures covered a wedding on November 24, 2018 and selected this interesting pictures:

First are the pretty decorations

Followed by some of the guests

Then some interesting poses we caught

But we particularly love this lady and her friends

We love these young souls. They bring fun and pump to the party – and to the camera.