About Milipadarose Pictures

Milipadarose Pictures is all about movie and photography productions. This includes video and photo coverage of events, film productions, and elements of post-productions – such as, video and graphic edits and effects services for your films: movies, adverts, promos, etc..


Its photography makes still pictures a fabulous collection of captivating, vivid coloured and artistic treasures; and its videos are riveting, interesting and inspiring.

We cover various kinds of events and present them as you prefer.


With fabulous pictures and riveting videos of your events

Bookings: To book for events or to contract for shoots or productions, please visit our contact page and talk to us. You can also send a message to us by text or WhatsApp and we will call you for more details.

Kindly check out our YouTube for some of our works.

We look forward to serving you.


Milipadarose Pictures


milipadarsepictures@gmail.com or milipadarose@gmail.com

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