Let Us Pray

Watch the video here of the first episode of the second season of Let Us Pray https://milipadarose.wordpress.com/?post_type=jetpack-portfolio&p=4346

A lot is going on in the world that leaves many of us scared. The wicked seem to succeed in their evil works; various ailments claim lives and stamp their stay in the world as a force to worry over; and many suffer in the midst of plenty hoarded, clogged up and densed among the insanely selfish and greedy few.  These thereby create doubts in the minds of some about God, even if it means blocking evidences of His goodness and our handiwork in these misfortunes that have befallen mankind.

My recommendation and resort are prayer. It is the key to renewal of our spirits to turn to righteousness, love and truth; to heal our wounded hearts; and to channel all work and activity towards the greater good of all and to the glory of God Almighty.

No one can do good and right and love, without the influence of the Image of Whom we are made. We only do wrong when we close our hearts and minds to that Image – the Spirit of the Triune God. Whether our bitterness and anger and lack of understanding make us deny God, He does not deny or forget us. And this is why we need to return to Him in prayer to reset us, to recreate us in Him, in order to revive us to His will for us – which are good and love.

It is through prayer that we can reach out to God to help us to help ourselves in doing right, taking fair, just and loving actions to make things right again in the world for everyone, and to purify the world of all the ailments that make us sick, as well as all the wickedness that destroy us. It is through prayer that the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will capture and renew the hearts of the wicked and enlighten them in the Trinity’s love and truth. It is through prayer that we surrender to our Maker to deliver us from all evil.

Prayer is not to be shunned with the excuse that it is an alternative to action. No, prayer is the key to making ourselves only vulnerable to our Maker to instruct, direct and move towards the good, righteousness, fairness, justice and love in all our activity and decisions.

Everyone, please join me and Let Us Pray for people, country and the world God has given us; it is ours to make the most of and transit into the much better One that awaits us after life spent here in virtue, love and fruitfulness.

Thank you.

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