How I Wrote – Alleluia! King of kings!

This book comprises two pieces of stage performances.

The first performance is Christ Is Born, which I wrote in the last third of 1994. It’s a Christmas play, and I wrote it for that year’s Christmas concert which I produced and performed with kids in my community in the week of Christmas – 1994.

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I started producing concerts in my community from the year I finished secondary school – 1992 to 1998 – when I entered the university. Yes, I started the university much later than I finished secondary school. And that interim was spent in being employed, in writing and in drawing, as well as in engaging in other hobbies.

The second is Alleluia! King Of kings! from which the book is titled. I wrote this also in the last third of 1995. It’s all musical but few speeches.

I had a strange experience writing this particular script – Alleluia! King of kings! But on March 20, 2000, I collated the two manuscripts into one entity – this book.

My Experience Writing the Easter Script – Alleluia! King of kings!

Did I tell you I’m a hoarder? Well, here is the notebook and some of the pages of my first draft of Alleluia! King of kings! We use to put a stroke to the year at the time, when it is approaching the end of a year, to add the anticipated next year – 1996/97. Perhaps, it is still done today.

I climbed my parents bed, in their room, with a biro, a note book and a Bible. I prayed for God’s help with the intention of writing for another Christmas. And so, I began, taking aid from the Bible as songs and rhymes form in my mind and I scribbled along with my biro in my notebook. Whether I wrote everything on the Alleluia piece in the few hours of one (that) day or I continued on the second day, I still can’t remember. I am inclined towards the former because I feel it was what happened, but I don’t know how I possibly could have written it all within few hours of a day.

Then after writing, I remember putting the notebook away and decided to prepare another piece for that year’s Christmas because I realized that what I’d just finished writing was not suitable for Christmas but Easter.

I prepared for that year’s 1995 Christmas concert, forgetting completely about the Alleluia piece I had written. It took quite a while before it occurred to me that I wrote some piece some time ago, but can’t remember now how long it was. Perhaps, it was a year later, or two or three – four years later, I’m just no longer sure; this is 2021. Although I’m good at remembering things but I have issues with remembering certain details: these certain details drop into memory after and at intervals. But when I did (remember) I tried to trace in my mind what I did with my notebook after writing the piece. Hence, I retraced my steps to the cupboard that served as a private bookshelf in my parents’ bedroom and found it in the spot I hid it from everyone’s tampering. I opened it and as I read it, I remembered and sang all of the songs in it. I was overwhelmed by this discovery, wondering how it came from me. This is why I dedicate it to God, who only could have inspired it.

Linda IfeanyiChukwu Ogbue

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