About My Book – Introspections

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I compiled and developed stories that I wrote while taking a writing course with Creative Writing Now [by William Victor, S.L.] in 2010/2011, with the ones I wrote after, to make this one storybook. I have published most of the stories earlier on my blog [milipadarose.com] and got pleasant comments. Impressed with those they had read, friends and others urged me to publish on a bigger platform. Here is hoping you will also find them interesting.

The highlight of the stories in the book is – Their Mystery – which was never published online nor anywhere else. Here’s an excerpt below:

She alighted and he drove on. Then she took a sweeping look at the long street, sighed, swung to go and climb the sidewalk but crashed into a fruits-hawker, knocking down her oranges. “My goodness!” she gasped and bent to pick the oranges with this hawker. “I am so sorry.” “I am not.” The voice sounded like hers, and so, caused her to look up at the smiling eyes of the hawker; and then, she was taken aback, staring at herself in a different clothing…

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