Alleluia! King of kings! – A New Book

Wow! I got a new book out! I am so excited and can’t contain myself right now! I just published it! On –

I’ve been wanting to publish this particular book for a while now but held back for some reasons. One, because it is musical, I wanted the transcriptions ready. Two, I had advice about producing the Easter drama first before eventually publishing, but still haven’t done that. I was only able to produce the Christmas one. Stopped caring to wait.

It comprises two stage musical dramas for Christmas and Easter and were written in the late 1994 and late 1995 respectively, Between 1992 and 1998, I usually wrote and produced Christmas concerts and dramas, performed with children in my community for the community. And this was how the dramas in this book were created. The first drama in the book [titled – Christ is Born] was performed on the Christmas of 1994, while the latter [Alleluia! King of kings – from which the book derives its name] turned out to look like what should be put away for Easter.

There is a story behind this Easter one I’ll leave to tell another time.

In short, as this writing is just to announce the publication, the book contains: Christ is Born – to be performed at Christmas; and Alleluia! King of kings! – to be performed at Easter. They are both musical and you’ll love them like I do, and I hope more! Yeepee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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