At his corner of the world, Femi immersed himself for five years in his work with the UNESCO in different parts of the world as his job designated. He found Martha, whom he shared common values and married her. Their values were beyond the job they shared and were founded in God as their basis, life and end. They raised a family together traveling to wherever he was redeployed, upholding their Christian faith to live, teach and give in the love of God. At the expiration of his contract with the UNESCO five years after and with his wife’s cooperation, they settled in Britain, his wife’s country of origin, and Femi returned to school for another degree in Political Science in a British University, while his wife secured a teaching job in the same University.

His desire to serve mankind redirected to a focus in mending his country. He was greatly saddened by his people’s worsening poverty and shamed by the mockery from the different countries he travelled… continue in INTROSPECTIONS

One Reply to “THE TWO PATHS – 3”

  1. This is a typical example of a popular saying: \”As you may your bed so you lie in it\”. Sometimes you don't need rocket science to predict your tomorrow. Life is about doing the right thing, impacting lives, creating and innovating. Not about making fas money or cutting corners


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