The prison yard was completely silent on the day Uchenna had an august visitor. Two guards led him to a room where the President, guarded by uniformed officers, sat waiting for him. They met each other’s gaze with no smiles. The President signaled all the guards to leave the room. Alone with him, Femi stood before Uche and they both burst out chuckles, held hands in a tight shake, and then embraced, letting out tears onto each other’s shoulders.

Twenty Years Before

Two men greeted each other in the house of one, Uchenna. Femi held Uchenna’s hand in a strong excited grip, and the left hand of each tapped the other’s shoulder. While Femi was all cheery with visible veins and muscles corroborating the pops of his cheeks, the shine of his teeth and the smiles of his eyes, Uchenna was seemingly comported but secretly envious, carrying himself with false air of confidence that only did not appear arrogant in his eyes and that of his newly found group of friends. He could not fathom why, since he made new friends, he always had to make this much effort of conceit at the sight of this best friend from childhood. However, he knew Femi to read and understand him – Uchenna, no matter how he tried to pretend before him. It is this intuitive quality he now hates most about Femi. It used to be what he loved most when Femi was the centre of his world; he needed not say much before Femi offered his shoulders. But he no longer wanted a shoulder to rest on! He wanted to have more than he needed so he never had to beg again! … continue to read this interesting story about this two friends in INTROSPECTIONS

5 Replies to “THE TWO PATHS”

  1. Life indeed is what we make out of it. The choice we make really defines us…. What an interesting story. I impressed. Loads of lessons to learned from it. Cudos to you dear friend👍


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