Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash
She did not know when she drifted to sleep, and was on the clouds for bed. Her whole being and spirit were the weight of a feather on this bedding. She opened her eyes to find herself felicitating with angels singing about the good tiding that lay ahead. The road spread about her, free of all hindrances and the angels were at every corner, ready for the part to play in this vocational work that lay ahead, with she to lead the way at the Lord’s nudge. She saw Him, just like that! Standing next to her, His face and eyes telling her to walk on as He is beside. Thrilled by all these, she began to walk with Jesus. At each angel’s corner she took the seed Jesus proffered and planted it there and the angel watered it with a jar which water seemed to never end. As she walked on by doing this, behind her the seeds sprouted, grew and produced fruits. The once empty roads now formed long isles embroidered with different plants and trees… continue in INTROSPECTIONS

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