Picture by MMPR – Unsplash

Now, in the cover of her home, she swung onto her bed and cried. And with uninhibited anger, she hit the pillows fervently to emblematize beating herself for the years of enduring non-appreciation and humiliation, for her obstinate stupidity and the wasted unfulfilled years. She had arrived home at about 2pm, and had lay on the bed crying, reflecting and being angry at herself till she was exhausted and drifted to sleep. Then she woke up at about eight in the night.

The weather was humid and her pillows remained damp from her tears earlier in the day. She pulled herself up from bed and into the shower where she spent over an hour shedding more tears at remembering her dishonour, as she termed it. Her tears mingled with the water that ran down on her head to her face and body…. continues in INTROSPECTIONS

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