However, like she observed earlier, it was not a perfect family, because her youngest brother and sister had derailed from the family values. Jude had fallen under the pressure of the peers he chose as friends and was always getting into trouble, while Evelyn had a child out of wedlock and put up an air of indifference. She appeared angry and rebellious towards the family. Jude, on one hand, had softened at her visit. Everyone knew how close they both were and that he had always been her favourite. And so, after a chat with him about becoming the positive influence on his peers by practicing the right principles he was brought up with, and not succumbing to their bad influence, he promised to cut-off from the peer group and change for the better.

Carol learned that her parents, in their frustration, had once rebuked Evelyn by comparing her to her religious sister – Carol, and the industrious, married and responsible one – Ijeoma. Hence, Evelyn had to live with seeing her parents’ disappointment every day and eventually built up this resistance to get by daily. … continue in INTROSPECTIONS

One Reply to “A CALL … PART 5”

  1. Thank God Carol followed her call to religious life; and made peace with her family, Jeff and herself. God’s ways are not our ways and if things don’t work out the way we want them, it doesn’t mean God loves us less. We only need to trust in his will.
    A Call, from 1 – 5, is a must-read for all of us irrespective of our status – religion or tribe. It’s interesting, enlightening and contains lessons to learn from.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with us.
    We look forward to more of your stories.


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