“Carol! Carol!” Her friends and family called and hugged her affectionately, thrilled to see her again. Her siblings looked mature, healthy and doing very well. Some had married and had good jobs and others rounding off their academics. The family businesses had thrived under them, and were being run as the family name group of companies. Her entire family, which had grown with in-laws, nephews and nieces, looked well and happy, but not perfect.

Jeff, she learned, was heartbroken at her disappearance, but she was glad he got over it and got married with two children. She got her immediate younger sibling, OgeChukwu, to show her where he lived, and from a distance she watched him arrive home in a car while his beautiful wife and cute children came out to welcome him tenderly. The picture looked like what she had once dreamt for him and tears ran down her cheeks…. continue in INTROSPECTIONS

3 Replies to “A CALL … PART 4”

  1. This is beautiful. I am glad She cleared it out with Jeff. It's a tough decision but God is worth it. We sometimes have to make tough decisions in life but in time, everything falls into place and you will be happy you did.I can't wait for Part 5, what did she observe?


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