How did she come to put her craving aside for so long? It was many years back when she was much younger, a naïve fourteen-year-old who saw an old worn-out man, drifting along as if being pushed by the force of the wind. She felt pity for him. He did not look like a beggar but an old man tired of work which he must continue to do in order to survive. ‘Where are his GROWN-UP children and what are they doing to alleviate their elderly father’s burden?’ She thought. How had he spent his youthful days or how had life unexpectedly dealt this blow on him? From then, she decided she would do all in her power to ensure her parents and family did not end up like this old man.

Now it seemed she had achieved that but could not tell of the future. It was probably a life-time job to look after family. Yet, for how long would she put God to the test? He, who had been patient with her stubborn desire to cater for her family’s well-being before answering His call, so that her family would not want in her absence; and so, He blessed her endeavours. Surely, she should also do her part which she whole-heartedly wanted to, but knew would break a heart and surprise a lot of others. Surprise, and not shock them because her moralistic disposition had informed them of the tendency but her past decisions would not have prepared them for it. “What do I do? How do I go about it?” she asked looking towards heaven.


She was watching TV with her parents in the sitting room when OgeChukwu dashed into the house calling, “Lock the door! Lock the door!” as he rushed past them and into his room to lock himself in. Carol and her parents panicked and did as he asked. Confused, they went towards his room and knocked on his door.

“What is happening, Oge?” their father called in the short form of his name and as he was fondly called.

Gasping inside his room, Oge whispered in response, “Papa,” as they customarily call their father, “did you see anybody approach when you were locking the door?”… continue reading this beautiful story in the book INTROSPECTIONS

9 Replies to “A CALL … PART 2”

    1. I feel my heart was in my mouth as i read. Oh me!!! It was as if i was just there with them and could see all that was going on. It seemed a real life story. O so real!!! And packed full of suspense. Please someone tell me welcome back. Ha

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  1. Love this….life of school ain’t easy, if this is published it will serve for those who are eager to enter school and join wrong friends.


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