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Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Both points of view – after the date:

Later in the night, Segun beat himself severally in bed. On reflection, he could not believe how stupid he was during the date. How could he have been so disgusting, even to himself? He had told Sope to let him find a girlfriend as fate would have him do, but ‘NO! You’re too uninterested in women to let yourself see a fine one to make a wife.’ Sope had told him. ‘Besides, you are shy, and women prefer men to approach them. Leaving you to do that will be waiting for eternity!’ He had added. So, Sope organized this one. Only meeting her for the first time caused him to lose all inhibitions, and he undid himself like never before. It was not him that did that date. It was nothing like him! He scolded himself.


Tolu politely stood away from the table, as if she had had enough of his blurts during the meal, and that was when it dawned on him that she had been disgusted by him all along, and he had been absolutely not himself from the very sight of her. This realization subdued him, and he sighed asking to escort her to her car.

“You needn’t bother, please.” Tolu muttered with the rest of the tolerance she could muster.

But he stood too and said calmly, “I insist.” And then he moved ahead of her to slightly usher her to proceed.

Tolu frowned, slightly surprised at his calm transformation, and then took the direction he had ushered her, wondering. At her car, he extended his hand for her key, and as if mesmerized, she gave it. He opened the car, guided her in and returned the key, saying, “I apologize for the embarrassment. It’s my first time at dating and I messed it up. Please, don’t think about it again.” and he closed the door of her car gently and walked away, briskly to his own car. He got in and drove off, leaving Tolu, still watching from the side mirrors of her car, flabbergasted…. continues in the book: INTROSPECTIONS

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