Continues from Part 1 …

 Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Tolu’s point of view –

Tolu breathed a heavy sigh at the threshold of the restaurant. She did not want to do this because she thought blind dates could be awkward for the two people involved. But Lara, her friend, had insisted.

‘You’re not getting any younger, Tolu. Every woman needs a man and no amount of success and achievements can fill the vacuum a man’s love gives.’ Lara said, forcing her to give in, in spite of herself. Let her just get done with it so that Lara and everyone else would let her be. She thought; and if it turned out well for her date and her, all the better. If not, she had nothing to lose since she was not enthusiastic about it anyway.

She knew she was late already, but she took a quick scan of the glass door of the restaurant to see if she could identify her date, but could not make out which of the men, seemingly expecting their dates, was Segun.

On opening the door, she saw all the expectant men look towards her and was slightly taken aback by the one that stood and waved like an excited school boy at finding his mother. Segun had sounded gentlemanly on the phone when they spoke. Come to think of it now, he must have been so with the help of a tutor by his side. She remembered his short pauses as well as the frustrated whispers in the background. When she asked him about them, he had explained that he was trying to shove his whimpering puppy away from his sheets, because he was seated on the bed…. continues in the book: INTROSPECTIONS

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