Segun’s point of view –

Segun waited for her to arrive. It was ten minutes past the agreed time. ‘That’s okay;’ he thought, ‘men are expected to wait for women as they take their time to look really good.’ Not that he had had any date with a woman before, but had heard the saying several times.

Then it became thirty minutes past the time. Perhaps, she had changed her mind; perhaps she had come in without his notice; after all, he had never seen her before but only depended on the aid they had both agreed on phone. He had told her red was his favourite colour and so she said she would put on a red dress and a red lipstick to stand out, as it was not a woman’s everyday look.

He looked around the restaurant; there were not so many people and there were fewer women than men. The men without women, like him, seemed to be expecting their dates too; not that he doubted the adage about women’s non-punctuality to dates anyway.

Another opening of the entrance door instinctively pulled his eyes to it, and he perceived the other expectant men’s synchronous reaction with his’. Only he was relieved by the lady that stepped in. She was all dressed in one colour – red: shoes, bag, and a thin scarf holding back her hair, as well as the plastic earrings on the sides of her face, are all as red as her dress and lip stick. This was certainly not an everyday woman’s attire but she did it for him. That was a good gesture enough for him; even though red was his favourite colour, he did not expect her to go all the way with it. It was an encouragement that boosted his ego as he stood all grinning and waving at her, happy to be the victorious among the anxious men.

He thought he saw a slight shock on her face at discovering him. But that faded as soon as it came. She smiled and walked towards him…. continues in the book: INTROSPECTIONS

Find the Blind Date inside. Enjoy!

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