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This is not self-idolizing. Rather it is self-examination of what I think of myself and an encouragement to be virtuous for Christ’s sake. If indeed I am not these, they are what I want to be; what I want to return to God as to have been.

I am a calm and pleasant spirit

I am a good and principled person

I am sensitive to the needs of others

I am simple, diligent and smart

I am perfection-conscious

I am a happy person

I love my fellow persons

I love children and care about their welfare

I care about the welfare of the elderly

I care about my country and the wellbeing of her citizens

I am a Christian in-love with Jesus and Mary

I cherish the friendship and the abiding of the Holy Spirit in me

Above all, I love and trust in God

I am the handmade of the Lord and surrender to Him as I live for Him daily, loving Him in my fellow persons, feeling Him in the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and hoping to see Him in eternity.

And so, I pray:

  1. To eschew all fears and match charity with faith
  2. To have confidence in my abilities
  3. For the courage to stand for justice and do right by God [and so, by man]
  4. To be firm in faith, virtues and love
  5. To be proactive in good works, and
  6. To be productive in the public good

So, help me God, through Christ. Amen.

I am IfeanyiChukwu

[Culled from my diary, July 15. 2019]

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