Chike took a deep breath before turning the door handle of his house. Ronke, his neighbor, had called him while he was still in his office that he had a still born and his wife, Amaka, had eloped from the hospital with another woman’s child. She added that his wife had refused to accept that her child did not live and when no one was looking, she made away with another woman’s child, mysteriously going pass the security without notice.

Ronke said the parents of the stolen baby were angry since all suspicion and the CCTV evidence pointed to Amaka. Ronke warned him that she was being forced to bring to their house an entourage of the doctor who delivered Amaka’s still baby, the father of the stolen child and two police men. They were on their way and she wanted him to manage the situation before they arrive at his house.

He turned the steel lever and entered gently. Amaka was nuzzling the baby swaddled in the sparkling white cloth he remembered to have bought for their expected baby, who happened to not have made it into the world alive.

Amaka was cuddling the child slightly too tightly for a newly born… continue in the book INTROSPECTION

Photo by Andrae Ricketts on Unsplash


5 Replies to “A STOLEN BABY”

  1. This story got me engaged from the beginning, all through the middle till where it stops. As a deep writer myself, only few works got my attention but this did. The only big question is, does this story stop here? Please it should continue!


  2. I understand what Akaka is going through. What she needs is help, a psychologist. But the hospital did not manage the situation well. Before you break such news to a patient like her you have to anticipate the worst of reactions.
    I fear for her husband. How will he convince her to release the baby without him getting hurt


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