Nonye could not wait for Tunde to see it. Her eyes danced about in the car as she looked through the screens, anxious to reach their destination and to show Tunde the lovely place she had found. Though cheap, it would make a wonderful home for the family they planned to have, and economical for the course he was taking to make a fresh living.

Tunde was anxious too, infected by his wife’s enthusiasm. If it made her so happy it must really be as ‘great’ as she had called it. He trusted her instinct to recognize potentials in even the most apparently insignificant things. And he admired her drive to push towards success too. But he was not as excited as she was because previous experiences had taught him that much was demanded to achieve her visions. He looked from wife to the line of buildings scrolling by. The environment looked good alright, the buildings were nice, and if what she was excited about was anything like these, then it was really worth the whole pump; and surprisingly cheap too, remembering the price she quoted to him. He too could not wait, but still restrained himself from being elated.

Then the car veered into another road that gradually contrasted their former view. All he could now see were wilted bushes, and heaps of dump scroll by gently as the car slowed down on the dry muddy bumpy road. Nonye was looking more enthusiastic yet: “We’re almost there, honey! We’re almost there! You’re gonna… continue in the book



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