Introductory tune
A young girl sits alone sad and some friends join her –
1st boy – Hello! Why do you look so sad?
1st girl – [Sad,] On my way, I saw many poor and sick on the street and they were sad.
2nd boy – Too bad. God help them.
1st girl – But how?
2nd girl – God lives in us and uses us to do all the good deeds in the world.
1st girl – God is the source of all good?
1st boy – Yes. He speaks to our conscience to do good when we come across those in need.
1st girl – How do we do good?
2nd girl – We were taught the last time in class that we can do good by practicing corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
1st girl – What are they?
2nd boy – Corporal works of mercy are – feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty and clothes to the naked.
1st boy – It is also – visiting the imprisoned and the sick, and giving shelter to the homeless and burying the dead.
2nd girl – The spiritual works of mercy are admonishing the sinner, instructing the ignorant, counselling the doubtful and comforting the sorrowful.
2nd boy – It also involves bearing wrongs patiently, forgiving all injuries and praying for the living and the dead.
1st girl – But if we do all these everyone in the world will be happy and live in peace.
2nd girl – Yes. So cheer up and let go do what we can for those we see in need of our help.
1st boy – Just as we were taught to do.
1stsad girl cheers up and they sing as they mime their songs with other children acting as those in need.
Song performance –
1stverse – by 3 friends to the formally sad girl.
2ndverse – the 1st sad girl as she attends to the poor coming in
3rdverse – the 4 sing the verse as they attend to all the needy. Boys sing in unison and girls in descant.
Instrumental interlude.
4thverse – all children [4 friends and the needy] on stage sing it in classic harmonic style in same tempo and other verses.
1stverse – repeated by all to ends.
Glen Campbell, 1968
Let me be a little kinder
close my eyes a little more
to the fault of those around me                                –              by 3 friends to sad girl
Let me praise a little more [2ce]
Let me be, when I am weary
Less concerned about myself,
Let me serve a little better                                         –              by sad girl attending to the poor
All my brothers in the Lord.
Let me praise a little more
Let me be a little meeker
With all those who are weaker,
Let me think more of my neighbour                         –     by the 4 as they attend to the poor. Boys sing
And a little less of me                                                                 unison and girls sing descant
Let me praise a little more.
Orchestra interlude

Let me toil without complaining
Never close my eyes to needs,
Let me face the summons calmly,                            –              classic rendering with repeat of verse 1
Let me praise a little more [2ce].

Written by: IfeanyiChukwu Oluwafemi Chukwudi

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