It hurts me deeply when famous people [TV personalities we’ve come to love] commit suicide. This is because we live thinking that these beautiful people, who dedicate their lives to making us happy through the media and living what we only dream of, are also happy and living a ‘perfect’ life. But how sad that they end up taking their own lives and then find out that they were depressed. Robin Williams, my favourite comedian, Mrs. Doubtfire, is gone by his own hand. I’m heart-broken. His role in movies, which most of the time is to teach us to do things in fun manner and be happy, makes it ironical that he couldn’t apply it to his own life. He had a wife and children to live for – what was missing? I will not judge him but I have a recipe for happiness in this world of uncertainties.

Life is emptiness without God [who is love – 1 John 4:8-20]. His love is greater than the world and the universe He created and so we need Him to lift us to a height of love that fills us with ethereal joy.

God is the creator of all; who can live and be fulfilled without Him? He has the whole world in His hands; if only we can take advantage of this to cuddle ourselves in his grip and allow Him to nuzzle us in His warmth.

The world today have put Him aside in the guise of freedom: freedom from conventions formed by the experience of Him; freedom to live life of indulgences to the fullest without the modesty and temperance of His Holy Spirit to curb our excesses; freedom from ascribing all good works of charity and individual achievements to Him and even freedom from proclaiming that Christ is the reason for Christmas [or be silent about that fact] in order not to offend those who do not share the faith in Christ or to accommodate them [and deny Christ His glory, and making this knowledge fade and the world ignorant that He is the source and representation of the love, peace and charity celebrated at Christmas]. We have silenced Him from our daily life by pretending we don’t believe in Him. We now eschew Him from our school assemblies and the media in the name of liberalism and secularism but please other religions who proclaim their own beliefs without the hindrances applied to the proclamation of Christ [God]. Thumbs up, though, for muting swear words and offensive use of the name of the Lord in the media.

Now what is the essence of life without the Creator? When I was a child and in my catechism, I learnt that God made us to love, serve and worship Him and to be happy with Him forever in the next. Hence, I felt that if that is why I’m created then my life is linked to Him and indeed He lives in me and I am the temple of His abode. Hence, in my meditations, I learnt to contemplate Him [by speaking to the Spirit I was told He is and wanting to know more about Him with question I posed to Him] and in return felt and still feel a joy I cannot explain [and so learnt much about Him to be an absolute Good who always draws me back to His attention even when I allow myself to go a astray for a bit]. How I wish everyone would do the same and find true joy in the freedom of choosing God than the temporal superficial smiles that leaves the inner self so depressed …

Whenever I felt some depression, especially during my adolescent, I took the Bible and told Him to speak to me and help me out of my mood. Then I opened pages in random to read. It always worked. Truly always. Today, and for a long time, the Bible, contemplation of Him and meditation in prayer, are my way of life and joy. And I try as much as possible to proclaim Him wherever, whenever and however, and pray to also always have the courage to do so in the face of trials [carrying my cross daily by His strength to make the yoke easy]. I have an everlasting choice – for me, to live is Christ.

Chasing God away from our lives and the world He created is leaving ourselves exposed to vices, destruction and the evil one. It is our Godly duty to proclaim our God and praise Him and communicate with Him so that in touch with Him we will experience Him [love and joy] and heaven on earth. In experiencing Him He will fill you with the graces you need to live true fulfilling life with His gifts, virtues and fruits by the power of His Holy Spirit.

May His faithful have the courage to proclaim Him [amid this time of strangulating His word for unfounded convenience] and bring the world back to Him [hallowed by Thy Name] by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through Christ. Amen.

Celebrities, you’ve made us love you; try and embrace God so you can love yourselves too and appreciate that we love you and God loves you too. You are special in His eyes. Get close to Him and you’ll UNDERSTAND. I’m so heartbroken, Robin. I don’t know what went on in your mind and personal life but I pray God have mercy on your soul and rest in peace. Through Christ. Amen.

By Linda IfeanyiChukwu Oluwafemi Ogbue

Written 12/August/2014

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