For some countries, power is a matter of honour and service: what your responsibilities are as a leader who enjoy the people’s trust, loyalty and regard. But for Nigeria, power is simply what it is – POWER. Power to embezzle, to ride above everyone under you, and to relegate every issue to a play of politics, including the lives of Nigerians and our young Chibok girls.

While Prime Ministers and other public officers in other countries resign from office if and when they cannot meet a responsibility and the trust reposed on them for others who can to tackle the situation, my leaders glue themselves to their seats of power and care less about the situation and our lives and feed our ears with political jagons while they secretly make plans to protect their own families and embezzle, and embezzle and embezzle more and more and as much as they possibly can to cater for their 1000th generation while their subjects suffer and die, because that is their reason for shedding blood and doing all they could to climb the seat of power anyway.

To our leaders, power [ill-gotten], is their turn to usurp, it is their inheritance, and nothing to do with honour and service. Otherwise, why is there so many unanswered questions about the kidnaped Chibok girls, one of which is their identity to help trace them. Why does the President take weeks before making any statement about them?

May God help our country by correcting all the wrongs in it. Amen.

JUST MY OPINION out of my pain and sorrow about the current situation – boko wahala.

By Ifeanyi O.C.

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