Milipadarose Ventures was registered for general businesses.

Current ventures include:

Milipadarose Pictures, by which we cover events’ photos and videos to produce fabulous and riveting pictures; we produce quality and inspiring films; and offer post-production services of video edits, motions and graphics effects.

Fabulous Pictures & Riveting Videos

Navigate our YouTube Channel and find various playlists for your pleasure …

MiliPen is our blog for stories, articles, poetry and words to enlighten and inspire.

The company Values are: Embracing Virtues and Good Business Practices.

Our Mission is to RENEW THE EARTH with our productions and with all our businesses.

Our Vision is to be reckoned globally for positive change through quality and inspiring productions and for professional integrity in all our businesses.

Our Mission Statement – Renewing the Earth.

Our Motto – God All, because it guides our business purposes, practices and operations, to serve our clients appropriately as we aim for financial success.

So help us God.

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